WordPress Quiz Plugin

Are you searching for the top WordPress survey plugin for your WordPress blog? Many popular blogs such as Buzzfeed utilize surveys to generate viral content and enhance user engagement on their sites. If you are looking for a top WordPress survey plugin that can help you earn money from surveys then I recommend taking a look at Survey Savvy. This is an easy to install plugin that integrates with your WordPress blog and surveys for you to earn money online in just minutes. In this post, we have hand-picked the top WordPress survey plugin for WordPress that will greatly benefit you to increase the time to spend on your website and engage your users.

Make Money With Surveys Through Flash Quizzes

The main focus of the Survey Savvy plugin is to provide a great user experience to both new and experienced WordPress users. You can customize the plugin with many different options such as displaying a pop-up window with a variety of questions relevant to your user profile, displaying an image of the typical user, even including a question pertaining to your product or service so that users can rate your services. You can also filter the results of the surveys and choose the ones that you want to do yourself. There are numerous other advanced features that allow you to optimize your quiz results for maximum profit. You can also find out which keywords are bringing in the most traffic to your site by using the advanced traffic analyzer function.

The reason why I love this WordPress plugin so much is that it gives you all of the functionality that you would expect from a top WordPress survey tool and more. It has a very unique and easy to use interface, it is highly customizable, and it generates highly relevant results pages for each user. The ability to customize your results pages and the timing of your surveys make this a must have for any user who is serious about earning money from surveys. If you are interested in leveraging WordPress to increase your income from surveys, then this plugin will definitely fit your needs.