White French Tip Nails

white french tip nails are a staple in the nail art world and continue to be a classic and chic choice for both casual and formal occasions. The minimal and simple style has been reimagined many times to create different looks that add some flair without taking away from the beauty of this timeless manicure. The possibilities are endless and the result is always stunning.

Classic Elegance: White French Tip Nails

This nail design is easy to do at home and is a great way to show off your creativity. It’s important to prep your nails before you begin by pushing back the cuticles and buffing them using a high-grit buffer. Be sure to avoid a low-grit buffer as it can strip the layers of your nails, which will cause them to break down and become damaged.

Once your nails are buffed and ready, apply a clear top coat to protect your manicure from staining. Once dry, you can start painting the tips of your nails with a white polish. It’s best to use a thin brush to ensure you get a crisp and precise line. For a fail-safe way to create a perfect French tip, try using nail stickers like these ones by Nails of LA ($16) or Tella Nails Not Your Barbie Girl Press On Nails ($16). Simply peel off the sticker when you’re done and apply your white polish over the tape lines for a flawless and professional finish.

Upgrade the classic white French manicure with a darker color. You can still keep it simple and wear a nude or pale pink base, or go bold with two different shades of brown. It’s a cool and modern take on this timeless style that works for all seasons.