What is an Economics Tutorial?

A tutorial is an informal meeting of a small group of students with a tutor. It is a chance for students to get one-to-one guidance on their work and an opportunity for the tutor to make sure that the students are gaining the most benefit from their lectures and any associated reading.

What is economics in Igcse?

Behavioral economics is a field of research focused on the interaction between humans and scarce resources. Often, this involves the use of behavioral experiments to explore human preferences and decision-making. Economics tutorial is also a field that utilizes a variety of visual tools to aid in communication and comprehension. These tools include graphs, charts, and other visualization methods to help explain and communicate evidence.

Most people think of money when they hear the term Economics, but that is a very narrow view of what Economics is really about. It is a study of the distribution of scarce resources and how those decisions affect consumers, producers, businesses and societies as a whole.

The field of economics is broad and encompasses a number of subfields such as macro-economics, behavioural economics and many others. Within these areas are more specific topics such as the impact of inflation on society, global extreme poverty and many other important social issues that effect us all. It is a field that is fascinating to those who are interested in understanding wealth, poverty, growth and trade. Developing an economics paper begins with a clear knowledge of the literature. This is why papers often begin with a review of previous research that relates to the topic at hand.