Verify Email Address – A Vital Step in Any Successful Email Marketing Campaign

verify email address

Verify email address – a vital step in any successful email marketing campaign

As a marketer, it’s important to verify emails before sending them. This helps ensure that your messages reach their intended recipients and preserve the security of your data.

Moreover, it can help save time and resources. Hence, it’s essential to use an verify email address tool that will ensure the quality of your list and deliver valuable campaign metrics.

Email addresses tend to decay after a while, so it’s important to validate your database on a regular basis. Periodic validation can help you keep your email deliverability high by pruning invalid addresses that could have found their way onto your list in your previous campaigns.

In addition, email verification will also help you maintain your sender reputation by avoiding bounces. Consistent bounce back degrades the authenticity and domain quality of your email account, which may lead to it getting blocked by ESPs.

There are several ways to verify email addresses:

Verify Email Address and Boost Your Email Deliverability: Best Practices for Email Verification

The easiest method is to ping the mail server of the recipient’s domain. This method is relatively accurate but can be quite tedious, especially if you have large numbers of addresses to check.

A more sophisticated approach is to use an email verification API that can be integrated into your forms and physical collection systems. This will detect invalid or mistyped email addresses as they’re typed into your forms and remove them from your database.

The right email verification tool will ensure that all of your email addresses are valid, up to date and ready for the next campaign. This will also allow you to avoid wasting your time and money on invalid email addresses that are unlikely to convert.