UP’s New Diesel Shop in Washington, D.C., Could Be the Last Stop for Performance Tuners

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Diesel shop new creative director Glenn Martens may be prepping his debut collection for the Italian denim brand, but he’s already leaving his mark on the company. Using the brand’s red color as the basis for his new store concept, Martens imagined an immersive branding experience that features rooms painted floor-to-ceiling in the hue and is debuting in two temporary pop-up stores in Amsterdam and at the mall Tyson’s Corner Center in Washington, D.C.

During the 2010s, yanking emissions equipment out of a truck to make more power became de rigueur in the aftermarket diesel performance scene—and that practice is now at risk of being shut down by the Environmental Protection Agency. A lawsuit filed Thursday outlines an EPA plan to take on the aftermarket tuners that install devices such as diesel particulate filters and exhaust gas recirculation systems that help vehicles run more powerfully, but also make it harder for drivers to breathe.

Diesel Shop 101: Exploring Services and Expertise Offered by Diesel Repair Shops

The Salt Lake City shops were built to maintain UP’s growing fleet of diesel yard locomotives, including SD7s, GP7s, GP9s and E8 A and B passenger trains. The facility’s most unusual piece of equipment is a 270-ton capacity overhead traveling crane that’s capable of lifting the largest diesels in UP’s roster and even some of its gas turbine-electric locomotives.

Rosso has been a driving force behind the company’s philanthropic work, pushing Diesel to start financially supporting young creative talent through projects like the Diesel:U:Music Radio, Diesel New Art and Diesel Wall as well as becoming a founding partner of ITS (International Talent Support),[94] a competition for up-and-coming designers.