Three Schools of Tantra

Tantra School is an uncommon religious institution devoted to the true tantric arts. The most sought after art in the modern world is the science of tantra. The ancient art of worship has been outdated for many years but has recently begun to be rediscovered in the West through the efforts of adepts with a vision of revitalizing ancient teachings for contemporary purposes. As such, the Tantra Institute has been at the forefront of introducing this ancient art to people worldwide. Its members have also mastered the tantric sciences, thus making them qualified to instruct others with full confidence in the mystical powers of the feminine. Visit this website –

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Although there are three schools of tantra, the most adept practitioners are usually drawn to the teachings of Sankrit and Raja yoga because of their more grounded approach towards tantra. Sankrit tantra school was founded by B.K.S. Iyengar, who studied with some of the greatest tantra teachers of India, learning first-hand the profound power of these disciplines.

However, the secret to accessing the secrets of this science lies in the understanding of the threefold significance of tantra. These meanings lie in the ancient texts, which teach that the three primary aspects of tantra practice – chakras, auras, and tantra – possess three separate and interconnected meanings. The first aspect, chakras, represents the path of spiritual evolution that each human follows. The second aspect, mudras, represents the physical body, while the last aspect, tantra, represents the ultimate liberation. Learning from one of the tantra schools will help students understand these concepts in greater depth and apply them accordingly.