Shopify Bot Protection – How to Protect Your Store From Bots

Shopify bot protection  is a tool that can help protect your store from spam signups, fake registrations, and malicious clicks. It verifies every visitor, checking human like browsing patterns and using the latest device fingerprinting techniques to distinguish bots from legitimate users.

In addition, it can help you block bad clicks that waste your PPC campaign budgets and prevent competitors from hurting your store’s revenue. IPQS works by analyzing the IP reputation of each visitor to identify bots that are registering fraudulent accounts, placing fake orders, and impacting your marketing budgets.

Securing Your Shopify Store: Bot Protection Strategies for E-Commerce

One of the best ways to protect your store from bots is to use a bulk account inviter. This app allows you to invite new customers to activate their accounts without having to manually do it one by one.

Bots can also disrupt your customer experience by hoarding stock or not allowing real customers to purchase hype sneakers or other high-demand products. This can lead to a damaged brand reputation, which can affect future sales.

For hype releases, a shopify bot protection event can be scheduled to stop known bots from automating purchases of products that are published during the event. These events can be scheduled for a maximum duration of 60 minutes.