Pipe Relining – Why Choose Pipe Relining?

pipe relining sydney

Pipe relining drain cleaning services sydney is becoming more and more popular among Sydney residents who are looking for an environmentally friendly solution to repairing their sewer pipes. This no-dig pipe repair technique is a quiet, clean and cost-effective way to fix your broken or damaged drains.

How pipe relining works

The pipe relining process involves inserting a thick textile liner within your old cracked or damaged pipe. This is then inflated and left to cure. This creates a new, tough pipe that’s stronger than PVC piping and has the added benefit of promoting better flow, sealing cracks and preventing further breaks.

Why choose pipe relining?

Pipe replacement is a costly and disruptive plumbing option, requiring a plumber to dig up walls, concrete slabs, and trenches for access. It also involves ripping up ground cover that may have taken years to grow, such as patio pavers and garden beds.

How Long Does Pipe Relining Last? A Guide for Sydney Homeowners

It’s also difficult to remove and replace without damaging the landscaping, which could make relining a more affordable option.

The relining process is less expensive than replacing a pipe and it’s much more convenient. It also takes less time, allowing the pipe repair to be done quickly and easily in most cases. This makes it a good choice for homeowners who are short on time or want to avoid the expense of excavation and replacing.