Origin Energy – What You Need to Know About Origin Rates

Origin rates when shipping products internationally. They’re used to determine if a product is eligible for preferential tariff and trade agreement rates. In general, the country of origin is based on the country in which a good has undergone “substantial transformation” as per international law. However, rules of origin vary by product and also depend on the HS-Code, relevant Trade Deal, and protocol.

When it comes to electricity, Origin Energy is one of the most popular providers in Australia. Their focus on renewable energy and affordable rates make them a top choice for many people. However, the company’s recent move away from fixed rates may cause some customers to switch. Luckily, the company offers flexible pricing structures and discounts for off-peak usage.

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In addition to the new variable rates, Origin Energy also introduced Solar Boost – a plan that offers a higher feed-in tariff for anyone with solar panels. This plan is ideal for households with low to medium electricity usage. It’s a great option for those who aren’t home much throughout the day or use electric appliances sparingly.

Lastly, Origin offers smart meters for both small business and residential customers. These meters provide real-time feedback on your energy usage, which can help you reduce your costs by using less electricity. They can also alert you to any leakages or power outages. They’re easy to install, so you can start saving right away. You can even get a $100 credit when you sign up for a smart meter.