Orbital Carpet Cleaning Machines

orbital carpet cleaning machines

Orbital carpet cleaning machines are a multipurpose tool that can be used for a wide range of floor care applications. They can clean, scrub, strip, sand and polish a variety of floor types including carpet, stone, tile & grout, wood, vinyl and concrete.

Orbital carpet cleaning machines small oscillations at 1725 RPM with a rotating head at 80 RPM to provide superior scrubbing performance, efficiency, and speed for completing daily and periodic floor cleaning procedures. Orbital technology also makes for safer operation and lowers damage risk to walls and furniture when compared to traditional rotary floor scrubbers.

Revolutionizing Carpet Cleaning: The Benefits and Advantages of Orbital Carpet Cleaning Machines

Designed to be safe for both operators and users, orbital equipment offers less water and chemical usage than other types of floor care machines and is easier and more affordable to operate, maintain and replace. This saves you money and time, and helps keep your facility healthy and safe for all your customers.

Improved Dry Time – Reduced water usage and high recovery rates make for a faster, easier, and cheaper way to dry floors. This enables your facility to be reopened to the public much quicker, and reduces slip and fall incidents and worker injury compensation costs.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning – The latest encapsulation cleaning agents are effective in removing soil and leaving the carpet fibers looking more vibrant, as well as protecting them from future soiling. They help fill in micro-occlusions and protect carpet fibers, allowing them to stay cleaner longer, according to Jasper.