Neptune In Second House

Neptune In Second House

Article: Neptune In Second House

When Neptune is in the second house, it gives you a sense of generosity around your possessions and money. However, because it is in the house of values and possessions, this can also create a blurriness about what actually belongs to you. This can result in you feeling at the mercy of what others think or say about your ownership and worth.

People with Neptune in the Neptune In 2nd House house tend to be very gullible, which means they can fall prey to scammers and con artists. They are easily distracted and have a difficult time concentrating, which can affect their work performance. They can also suffer from attention deficit disorder and have trouble sticking to a schedule.

The Illusive Wallet: Understanding Neptune’s Influence on Money Matters in the Second House

These people are very creative and have a deep appreciation of beauty and intuition. They have a gift for healing and can help others through their spirituality. They are good at generating wealth through their creative pursuits, but may struggle with financial security. They are often attracted to spiritual and emotional careers, like psychics or healers, where they can be of service.

In relationships, these people are highly intuitive and sensitive. They can become emotionally entangled with someone and lose themselves in their relationship. They are best suited with partners who understand their needs and can keep them on track. They can also be prone to emotional manipulation from partners because they are so focused on their partner’s well being.