LVL Music Academy – Violin Repair

The good news is that with a little care and attention a violin can last a lifetime. However, it’s important to have your violin repaired if you notice any changes in its sound quality or playability. A luthier (violin restorer) can perform a number of repairs to keep your instrument in top shape.

How long does it take to get to grade 1 violin?

If your violin’s bridge has become loose or uneven, a luthier can straighten it. It’s also possible for the fingerboard to be damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations or simply by playing on it hard. In this case the fingerboard will need to be re-glued ($30-$50), resurfaced ($60-$75) or even replaced entirely ($100).

It’s also possible for the classical friction pegs to become loose or stuck in the peg holes, which is easy to fix with some violin peg dope. A luthier will also be able to ream or replace them in more extreme cases.

If your violin has any chips or scratches that aren’t affecting the sound quality, they can usually be buffed out with paraffin wax. If the violin has a deep chip or scratch that goes all the way through to the wood, a luthier will need to carve or shape a new piece of wood to repair it. This will be more expensive but it’s an essential repair to prevent your violin from being compromised.


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