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Cigarette indian cigarettes near me out of Indian reservations continues to be a major problem for state governments. The Supreme Court ruled 17 years ago that states can collect taxes on sales to Indians, but smuggling continues across the nation as tobacco companies rely on wholesalers to ship billions of untaxed cigarettes to Indian stores.

In six states — Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington State, and New York — between 15% and 30% of non-Indian smokers reported purchasing cigarettes from Indian reservations, resulting in state excise tax revenue losses ranging from $3.5 million in Washington State to $292 million in New York (see online-only table). Strategies aimed at decreasing the sale of lower- or no-taxed cigarettes on Indian reservations could be important for reducing smoking prevalence and recouping lost excise tax revenues.

Understanding Native Smokes: Varieties and Options

Besides Marlboros and Kools, cigarette brands stocked at Indian smoke shops include Camels, Newports, and Winstons. There are four cigarette manufacturing enterprises on the Seneca Nation in western New York, and the Oneida and Onondaga nations also produce and sell national-brand cigarettes in their SavOn convenience stores and at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Syracuse.

Bidis are small hand-rolled cigarettes made of tobacco wrapped in tendu or temburni leaf (Diospyros melanoxylon). This smokable plant is native to southeast Asia and is often grown on Indian reservations. However, there are no reliable estimates of bidi usage in the United States. Despite federal regulation, some tribal members continue to use bidis, which are not as effective in reducing smoking prevalence as regular cigarettes or cigars and can increase the risk of lung cancer and other diseases.

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