How to Start a Blog From Scratch Without Writing a Word

start a blog from scratch

Starting a new blog was probably the biggest decision of my life. If you understand the most essential steps on how to start a blog from scratch, then less than 20 minutes from now, you too could build a huge blog empire. Always keep in mind one thing that only by possessing knowledge, nothing occurs, unless you apply that knowledge. So if that is your case, then this how to start a blog from scratch and build a huge blog empire.


The first and the most important step is to register your domain name. There are many SEO companies that offer complete step by step SEO Training to new comers on how to do SEO, for free. So if you are totally new to blogging and are looking forward to making quick money, then go for an SEO Training package and register your domain name. The next step is to get yourself a good web host, choose a package that best suits your needs and after selecting a package, make sure you read the terms and conditions so that you don’t land in trouble later on.


For beginners there is a ‘How To Start a Blog From Scratch’ guide that will provide all the necessary information to start building a huge traffic presence on your blog without writing a single line of code. This is a complete step by step tutorial and provides a complete list of tools you will need to construct your own custom WordPress blog. It also gives you a complete list of resources that are required to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site. In my opinion the tutorial should be availed without paying anything, because this how to start a blog from scratch tutorial will show you how powerful and effective a tool such as WordPress is. Finally, I would recommend using WordPress SEO. It’s free and provides complete step by step SEO training to new and budding entrepreneurs.