How to Select the Best Logic Analyzer

When you are trying to best logic analyzer a difficult problem, a logic analyzer can be an extremely useful tool. It can help you figure out why a program doesn’t work by showing you the sequence of signals that occur when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, not all logic analyzers are equal. This article will guide you through the process of selecting the best one for your needs.

When selecting a logic analyzer, you need to consider how it will be used. For example, do you need to look at digital signals or analog signals? The number of channels and sample rate is also important. Lastly, the input circuitry is another factor to consider. For example, you want a device that has separate signal and ground connectors to reduce the risk of accidentally disturbing your circuit with the test leads. You will also want the device to have high input impedance and low capacitance to minimize signal distortion.

Analyzing Digital Systems: Best Logic Analyzer Tools

The Saleae Logic Pro 8 is a USB 3.0 logic analyzer that can record up to 500 MSPS on up to 4 channels. It has both digital and analog capabilities, and the maximum sample depth is adjustable. This device is also unique among its competition in that it can stream samples to the computer on-the-fly, which allows for longer recordings and higher sample rates.

The software that comes with this device has built in protocol analyzers that can extract high-level data from raw waveforms. This can be very helpful in locating intermittent errors and proving out a hypothesis. Using these tools can save a lot of time and effort that would be spent attempting to find a problem using other methods.