How to Hide Facebook Comments

Hidden facebook comments  are a powerful tool for engaging with your followers. However, not all comments are beneficial for your brand’s reputation. Some are trolls, spammers, or hate speech that can ruin your Facebook posts. Often times, the best solution is to hide these comments from view for everyone except the comment author and their friends. This is a quick and easy option to deal with comments that are promoting unrelated products, spamming your post, or contain offensive language or inappropriate photo content.

How does hiding facebook comments work?

If you are the page admin of a business page, you can long press on a comment and select “Hide comment.” Once hidden, the comment will appear blurred for anyone who hasn’t been tagged in the thread. The author of the comment will still be able to see the comment and can continue to reply in sub-comments. Hiding a comment will also hold back any notifications that the comment might receive.

Does the person who wrote the comment know that you’ve hidden it?

While hiding a comment may seem like a good idea in the moment, it’s important to remember that the comment author is NOT notified when you hide a comment. This means that they can easily find out what you hid their comment with the help of Facebook search and will likely be upset with your brand for misleading them.

Alternatively, if you can address the issue directly through a direct message with the user, that might be better for your reputation. These private conversations have a tendency to resolve issues, and can even turn a frustrated customer into a loyal fan or follower.