Gas Leak Tester

gas leak tester

A gas leak tester helps identify the source of a flammable or toxic gas leak in home, office, commercial and industrial systems. These devices are commonly used on compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems in addition to refrigeration systems and door seals. Often, these tests can help eliminate the need to enter hazardous areas or work with dangerous chemicals.

Leak detection systems are utilised by companies in the oil and gas industry for surveying and pinpointing leaks on exposed piping, as well as in chemical manufacturing facilities. Two types of leak detector instruments are typically used in these applications: combustible gas indicators and flame ionisation detectors.

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Other industries that use gas leak detectors include medical and industrial laboratories and pharmaceutical plants. Some of these units are also able to detect oxygen or nitrous oxide, which are odourless.

Some DIY methods of detecting leaks include using your senses, such as listening for hissing sounds or unusual flame colours on a gas stove and looking for fungus-like growth around a suspected leak area. Additionally, it is a good idea to contact a professional for an inspection if you think you have a gas leak in your home.

Having a gas leak in your home can decrease efficiency, cost you more money each month and lead to health concerns such as headaches, loss of concentration and even suffocation. To keep your family, friends and pets safe, invest in a gas leak detector to spot any potential issues before they become more serious. Some models even have app-based alerts and smart home integration so you can monitor your property while away.