Garden Edging Systems

When you invest the time and money into curating a lush garden, it’s frustrating when Mother Nature’s whims start to wear away at your beautiful design. That’s why garden edging systems are a smart solution for keeping your lawn, flower beds, and other plants looking crisp and clean. Edging is also great for helping to keep in mulch and protects your planting areas from weeds and other unwanted growth.

As the metal used in FormBoss products is sourced from Bluescope Australia  is metal garden edging, which comes in a variety of styles and finishes that can work with any landscaping design. For example, corten steel edging is ideal for adding a modern edge to your garden, while the rusted finish of repurposed metal slats adds a vintage feel to any space. In terms of functionality, metal edging is resistant to the elements and can stand up to freezing temperatures, sleet, and snow. It’s also lightweight and easy to install, making it a quick and simple DIY project for any gardening enthusiast.

Beyond Aesthetics: How Garden Edging Systems Can Improve Plant Health and Growth

The cost of edging will vary depending on the type and style that you choose, but most landscape materials can be installed by a qualified professional or even a homeowner with a few basic tools. Some edgings require digging a trench and being pounded into the ground, while others simply need to be placed on top of existing grass or dirt. Keep in mind that installation costs are typically an additional expense, as well as the price of the edging material itself.