Contentious Probate Solicitors

contentious probate solicitors

Whether you are looking to contest a will, take action against Trustees or have concerns about how a Will has been handled, we are able to provide the expert legal advice and practical experience you require. There are often critical time limits – which can be less flexible than in other types of litigation – that must be observed and so it is important to seek guidance as early as possible. Find out

The scope of disputes that can be brought under the banner of contentious probate is vast. This can range from challenges to the validity of a Will, interpreting its meaning or disputing the drafting of it. However, difficulty is also experienced when those tasked with administering and distributing the deceased person’s estate fail to do so properly or even in such a way as to raise suspicion that those entitled are not getting what they should.

Navigating Complex Estate Distribution: How Contentious Probate Solicitors Protect Your Rights

It is also not uncommon for disputes to arise where there is no Will at all. In such cases, the law sets out who should inherit and this can still lead to disputes between family members. These are known as intestacy claims and we can help you pursue your entitlements. The majority of these claims are funded by the losing party paying their own costs or a fixed fee, with the exception of where a Beddoe Order is in place. To see how we can support you, please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.