Buy Shatter Online

Buy Shatter Online

Buy Shatter Online is a cannabis concentrate that can boast THC levels of up to 90% and produces incredibly heightened effects as a result. As a result of its high potency, shatter should be consumed with caution and only used by experienced users. High doses of shatter can produce a range of side effects including dizziness, paranoia and anxiety. It can also cause dry mouth and eyes, lethargy and a general feeling of being unwell. Go here

Shatter is part of the weed wax family and is known for its solid, glass-like appearance. It is a little more difficult to handle than budder or crumble wax and can be quite fragile as a result. Shatter can be stored in a number of ways but is most commonly enjoyed by vaporizing it with a dab rig.

Shatter Shopping 101: How to Buy Shatter Online Like a Pro

This is because it has undergone decarboxylation and requires heat to activate its compounds and produce the desired results. Generally speaking, shatters can be enjoyed as a ‘dab’ by applying it to the hot surface of a titanium nail or ceramic bucket. It will then vaporize and can be inhaled as a result.

Alternatively, shatter can be added to your favorite herb or concentrate vape pen and ingested orally or applied topically for the benefits associated with cannabis extracts. However, it is important to store your shatter properly as excessive air and light can degrade its terpenes and cannabinoid content over time. For this reason, opaque silicone containers are recommended for storing your shatter.