Best Beard Trimmers

best beard trimmers

Whether you’re just starting to sport facial hair or want to keep your five-o’clock shadow neatly trimmed, best-in-class beard trimmers have you covered. These top-rated models are the tools expert barbers use on their clients, and some of them are available to you for a fair price.

The most useful best beard trimmers  let you trim a range of lengths via adjustable or clip-on combs. Some can cut head hair and longer beards, too, so it’s best to check the listed cutting options and trimming increments in the key specs of each model you consider. You should also consider battery life as you’ll likely be using the trimmer while plugged in. Lithium-ion batteries tend to perform best and last longest, while other types can be a bit sluggish.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer: Top Picks for Perfect Facial Hair Styling

For an even more precise trim, a few of the beard trimmers on this list can help you get to that fine-follicle level with a touch up with just the blade. The Panasonic ER-GB80-S, for example, lets you remove the comb and access the blade for a closer cut. You can even shape your neck, cheek and mustache lines with it, says the barber at San Francisco’s Refinery Grooming Club.

You can also find a few trimmers with a vacuum system that suctions up trimmed hair, making cleanup much less of a hassle. Some of these models have a comb that helps guide the vacuum action, while others are self-cleaning and simply require you to wipe the head down when you’re finished with it.