Ancient Bronze Figurine of Bull Uncovered in Southern Greece

Weighty precipitation in southern Greece has prompted the disclosure of a bronze bull doll accepted to have been a votive contribution made to the god Zeus in Ancient Olympia as right on time as 3,000 years prior.

Greece’s Culture Ministry said Friday that the little, unblemished puppet was found after an excavator spotted one horn jabbing out of the ground following late precipitation nearby.

The superbly saved doll was shipped to a lab and starting assessment shows it dates from the Geometric time of antiquated Greek workmanship, about 1050 B.C. to 700 B.C. It is accepted to have been a votive contribution to Zeus made as a feature of a penance, as the silt cleaned from the statuette bore unmistakable consume marks, the Culture Ministry said.

A great many votive contributions are accepted to have been made at the special stepped area of Zeus. Many have been found in a thick layer of debris and are shown at the archeological gallery in Olympia.