Air Duct Cleaning Equipment For Sale

duct cleaning equipment for sale

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to expand your carpet cleaning business, we have the air duct cleaning equipment you need. We carry everything from rotary brushing kits to a variety of attachments and accessories that help you get the job done.

The most important tool in a successful duct carpet cleaning equipment operation is the vacuum. Professionals use either a truck-mounted system or a portable unit (or a combination) to suck up the dust and debris in your ducts.

They also have a range of brushes that work well on different surfaces, such as soft-poly bristles for flex duct and nylon bristles for round steel. These brushes can help you dislodge the dirt that’s stuck in your ducts so you can clear them out with your vacuum.

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Another type of tool used by air duct cleaners is an air compressor. This allows them to spray high-pressure air into the duct system, which loosens stubborn debris that’s stuck in it.

These tools also make it easy for them to access ducts that are difficult to reach. Their inspection tools include periscope equipment and camera systems that let them see into the ducts’ hidden areas.

The best air duct cleaning equipment for sale comes with features that improve usability and prolong the life of the machine. For example, some systems come with a blockage sensor that shuts off the unit when it starts to collect too much debris. This function makes it easy to keep a vacuum running smoothly without having to manually remove and replace bags.