How to Order Weed Online

Onlin order weede shopping for cannabis products has become increasingly common since recreational marijuana became legal in 2020. Many licensed dispensaries offer online ordering and delivery services, so it’s easy to shop from the comfort of your home. Before you make an order, though, it’s important to research each company and ensure that they comply with your state’s regulations. The last thing you want is to have your order confiscated or lost in transit.

From Click to Cloud Nine: A Guide to Ordering Weed Online

The process of ordering weed online is relatively simple, but it may vary slightly from store to store. Typically, you’ll begin by browsing the available menus on the dispensary’s website, then select the items that you wish to purchase and add them to your cart. Once you’re ready to check out, you’ll provide your home address and a contact number for the driver or budtender to reach you. Some stores allow you to pay with a credit or debit card, while others are not able to due to banking restrictions on cannabis businesses.

Once you’ve completed your transaction, most services will give you an estimated time window for your weed delivery. Some will offer a curbside pick-up option, too, where you can skip the line and simply pick up your cannabis from the parking lot or sidewalk.

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