Ozempic Weight Loss Stories

Over the past year, Ozempic has become a household drug name thanks to an army of people who went public with their weight loss stories. But what does using a medication like this for the long haul actually look like? We talked to doctors and women who’ve experienced both the highs and lows of a long-term Ozempic regimen. Read more:okmagazine.com

The drug is an injectable therapy that’s used to treat diabetes, but its side effect of weight loss has made it a hot commodity. It’s been prescribed off-label for non-diabetics looking to lose weight, leading to a supply shortage that’s expected to last into 2022. In fact, the drug’s manufacturer has even warned that users on the off-label prescription could experience serious possible side effects including pancreatitis, changes in vision and kidney failure.

Transforming Lives: Inspiring Ozempic Weight Loss Success Stories

But the weight loss Ozempic produces is real. In addition to lowering blood sugar levels, the weekly injection slows digestion, which helps you feel full. And for some, that’s all it takes to drop a lot of pounds—and keep it off.

Susan Carter-Williams is one of them. The 54-year-old Los Angeles-based standup comedian and writer began taking the weekly shot in June 2021 to control her type 2 diabetes. Her A1C lowered from 8.8 to 5. Within six months, her cholesterol and blood sugar levels had gone down, too, and she lost about 60 pounds. She’d also tried Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, and she had long-term success with phentermine.

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