Saturday Feb 13
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Online press

The Jewish Daily Forward
Too Sexy for Limmud?
"Limmud is supposed to be a big tent. But it apparently isn't expansive enough to accommodate one author's broad backside. The rear end in question belongs to provocative author and spoken word artist Vanessa Hidary..."

Jewish Women's Archive
Catching Up with Vanessa Hidary, The Hebrew Mamita

"Vanessa writes and performs about 'the trials and tribulations of a girl growing up in NYC' while dealing with identity issues and issues of the heart, and it was an honor to be able to speak with her during National Poetry Month."

US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Voices on Antisemitism

"The Hebrew Mamita addresses stereotypes in her direct, no-nonsense style, unpacking the insult-as-compliment type of antisemitism, and the subtle ways oppression can get under your skin."

Tablet Magazine
Performer and poet, Vanessa Hidary, the Hebrew Mamita, mashes up her Jewish identity with that of a Puerto Rican - and unsettles stereotypes.
"[The Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega] is a confession of how Hidary switches tribes, how she is not culturally loyal to one ethnicity but to many, and why cultural dislocation is her milieu."

The Arty Semite
Q&A: Vanessa Hidary on Jon Stewart, Dating, and Being the Hebrew Mamita
"The Arty Semite spoke to Hidary about Jewish comedy, the vicissitudes of dating, and being the Hebrew Mamita..."

My Jewish Learning

A Kaiser Roll In The Bodega
"Hidary's work reflects a combination of cultures, and a confusion of them. Her book's first words, "L'Chaim and Salud," sets forth her agenda, which includes embracing multiculturalism while remaining distinctly Jewish, and distinctly herself.

Poetry: He Said, She Said

A Review of: The Last Kaiser Roll In The Bodega
"I don't know Vanessa Hidary personally, but I know her work... it's personal. [The Last Kaiser Roll In The Bodega] was all that I expected but nothing that I expected all wrapped in one. // I hate to even call it a book. It is more than that. It is life unbound."

2Deep: My Mother's Daughter

A Ph.D in Her: Vanessa Hidary
"The Last Kaiser Roll In The Bodega, the book written by the poetically talented Vanessa Hidary, was unlike anything you could have expected. Then again, when dealing with Vanessa, to expect anything specific or standard is already your first mistake...

BSN: Black Star News

The Hebrew Mamita: Spittin' Rootz, Rhymez, & Religion
"Raw strength, sheer vulnerability, witty charisma, thug stance passion, rose-petal fragility, good-girl-gone-bad, or bad-girl-trying-to-stay-good, Vanessa Hidary aka The Hebrew Mamita embodied it all and then some..."

The JC
Can You Handle NYC's Hip-Hop Poet?

"Offend Vanessa Hidary on a date and you run the risk of a scathing verbal attack - in the form of a witty, fast-paced poem..."

Queen Esther
"My Jewish Grandmother spoke Arabic. Let me explain..."

The Jewish Daily Forward
For the Hebrew Mamita, Poets Are Rock Stars Still
"What if I knew more Hebrew than Spanish? What if I only hung out with white girls? What if Orthodox Jews reject me because I have a busted hymen and a head full of human rights? What if I'm not really Jewish? Those were some of the questions Vanessa Hidary, aka the Hebrew Mamita, asked in a poem she performed..." 

Idol Chatter
'Weeds' Creator, Tara Producer, and the Hebrew Mamita Take on Images of Jewish Women in Media

"If you're a consumer of media and you've never met a Jew in real life, you're likely to think all Jewish women are superficial busybodies with New York accents or yiddishe mommas trying to match up their daughters with single Jewish doctors..." 

Oy Vez Como Va: Chatting with the Hebrew Mamita

"All Jews, at some point in their lives, dream of wagging their fingers at an audience and saying 'Jew you down? I'd like to throw you down!' But few members of the tribe can do it with such instinctive brio..." 

Michal's Tefillin
Vanessa Hidary: An interview with the Hebrew Mamita

"Have you ever heard someone publicly describe their experiences of being Jewish in such a way that they made you believe they had somehow slipped into your own skin, into your own life? If this concept seems alien to you, then you haven't seen uber hip culture bandit Vanessa Hidary in her guise as the Hebrew Mamita..." 

New Jersey Jewish News
Tug of War Tour Brings Musical Message of Hope

"The music was loud and the crowd swayed to the hip-hop beat as over 50 congregants of the Kol-Am Congregation in Freehold listened to - and learned from - the music and poetry of the Tug of War Tour..."

Off Off Theater
Oys in the Hood

"Vanessa Hidary's one-woman show 'Culture Bandit' at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe is a triumph of the form. Infused with a poetic sensibility, a cohesive structure and intelligent political commentary, the text improves with every moment..."

Jewish World Review
Hip Hop Mameleh

"Do not tell Vanessa Hidary that she doesn't look Jewish. A guy she met at a bar once made that mistake, and she burned him bad - on national TC, no less, in front of millions of people..."


The Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega