Tuesday Feb 09

If I counted up all the hours I’ve studied,
Focused on,
Cried over,
Cried over,
Gotten up and been resilient about,
Not given up on,
Believed in,
Believed in,
So believed in,
Ignored my friends advice about,
Talked about
Talked about,
Did I mention talked about?

I’d have a PHD in him.

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Esther. Named after the queen. Known to her family as Essie, Esuseh.
Esuseh, Esuseh, who swallowed Syria whole and the day she left us the sky rained desert sand the earth smelled of cumin and rosewater and our tears tasted of olive oil.
Esuseh, Esuseh, pointing to your picture strangers deny my relation to you For I stand so pale in comparison to your olive stained hue Because you Esuseh you swallowed Syria whole while I, I- was granted mere licks of her tamarind belly.

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The first night we hooked up, he told me he’d never been with a Jewish girl before.
He looked at me like he wanted me to tell him I’d never been with a Puerto Rican before.

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For all you Crazy, Loud, Eccentric, Fiery, Passionate, Romantic, Stubborn, Angelic, Smart, Talented, Outlandish, Pulling your Fuckin' hair out, Wild Child Artist women out there-

This is for you. 

I am you.
You are me.
We are fire.

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The Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega